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Growing confidence often comes from courage, but through confidence, courage can grow.

What comes first, confidence or courage? Let’s break them down to understand each better.

Confidence is more focused on belief, and requires one to believe in their abilities and decisions, while courage is more focused on action.

When you have a healthy self-esteem (and aren’t operating from the ego) confidence can help you handle setbacks or criticism with grace and continue to believe in yourself and your abilities. But it’s through courage where you find the will to take risks and face challenges (often your fears) even when you are uncertain of the outcome.

In many situations, taking the first step towards building confidence requires courage, whether it's speaking up in a meeting, trying something new, or facing a fear. However, as confidence grows, it can in turn provide a boost of courage and help you face even bigger challenges.

So, the question remains, which is more important? Confidence or courage? The answer for me is neither.

They both are important in reaching our potential. Knowing how to tap into them to support the growth of the other is most important.

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