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Spark a Better Reputation

Your go-to solution for activating what’s on the inside so you can shine

ㅤAJ Sarcioneㅤ

Author, Global Motivational Speaker & Workshop Facilitator

Former Head of MOJO & Employee Experience / Internal Marketing for Verizon/Yahoo


AJ is an energetic speaker who inspires teams and individuals to not only drive

results, but love who they are while they are doing it.

VP Data & Insights



Hi, I'm AJ Sarcione

My career began in PR, building the reputations of brands, externally. Now I support companies, teams and leaders in building better reputations by activating their brands from the inside. CEOs, heads of HR, internal communicators and individual leaders have engaged me to support them in transformations of their cultures, workplaces, teams and often within themselves. 


If you’re interested in learning more, I’m always open for a quick chat to see what spark we can create.

Anyone who has undergone significant transformations understands the critical role of reputation. Drawing from my own experiences through several major changes, I've discovered the transformative power of activating our internal brand.

During my time as a communications executive at Yahoo, we faced a multi-billion dollar transition, leading to Yahoo’s acquisition. I observed the dimming smiles of employees whose spirits were once vibrant. This observation marked a turning point.

I found an opportunity.


I established a global internal marketing organization from scratch. Our efforts supported our CEO in inspiring employees during the transition to Verizon and the subsequent integration with AOL, our longtime competitor. The success of this initiative led to the creation of a new role for me: 'Head of MOJO and Employee Experience.' I spent the following year traveling globally, energizing our workforce with our new CEO's vision. 

Former Head of MOJO & Employee Experience AJ Sarcione

In both roles, we designed programs and tools that empowered our employees to shine. I witnessed firsthand how those who envisioned potential were happier and adapted more readily.

Motivated by these insights, I founded 'Get Your Shine' to ignite organizations’ positive curiosity. We assist companies, teams, and leaders in activating authentic internal brands, which in turn cultivates superior reputations.



EVP, Chief Communications Officer

Best investment! AJ you were a hit! And you turned around and got the quietest of the crew to be engaged. Can't thank you enough for making it such a thoughtful and fulfilling session.

SVP Communications
NBC Universal

AJ's positive energy disrupts and enlightens teams to bring out their best leadership

qualities by encouraging people to work smarter, not harder.

Chief Communications Officer

AJ has a natural gift for keeping everyone energized and engaged, while bringing out the best in attendees. I can’t wait to work with him again! 

Managing Director
Northwestern Mutual

AJ was an instrumental part in connecting our leaders to their why and purpose in serving our market. He was able to bring together the emotional and tactical side of our business so we can better leverage each of our individual qualities as one.

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