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4 Tips on How Leaders Can Boost MOJO During Layoff Transitions

Large layoffs are continuing to show up daily, unfortunately. Having been through them as a leader on a global marketing team, numerous times, I know many of the emotions that are faced during these often discouraging transitions.

We focus on those that have lost their jobs first, because we care about the wellbeing of our peers. But, the team members that remain find struggle too. And sometimes, we as leaders need to remind ourselves to focus more attention on them.

And for leaders who's companies aren't having layoffs, your teams need support too.

Here are 4 tips on how you can boost morale and MOJO during these difficult times to help your team stay motivated and inspired:

  • Communicate with empathy

Layoffs can create a sense of uncertainty and anxiety among employees. As a leader, it's important to communicate with empathy and understanding. Let your team know that you understand how they are feeling and that you are there to support them.

  • Recognize and appreciate contributions

Layoffs can make employees feel like their peer's work was not valued or appreciated. Take the time to recognize and appreciate the contributions of each team member. Find examples to show how their work mattered, how they made a difference, and how it's important for the team to continue to support those contributions.

  • Provide support and resources

Layoffs can leave employees feeling lost and uncertain about their future. Learning & development is critical during these times, to continue to invest in the team and help them think bigger and with more possibility.

  • Focus on the future

It's important to focus on keep moving forward. Help your team members focus on goals and aspirations and be available to support their growth planning.

By taking these steps, you can help your team stay motivated and inspired during these challenging times, and help them boost their MOJO as they keep build their careers.

If you want to chat more about ways to boost MOJO on your teams, send me an email at

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