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Cancel the Cakes & Ballons?

Absolutely not. Who doesn't love cakes and balloons?

Recently I was asked to participate in a panel on internal communications during moments of transformation and change. A point of view was shared that said, cakes and balloons won't change culture.

The point addressed that it was the little moments that happen between leaders and people, the small communications that occur to educate, inspire and inform, that matter.

I agree, those moments matter. What I don't agree with is that cakes and balloons don't play an important role in employee experience.

Now, it's not specifically 'cakes and balloons' that is being discussed. It's the idea of parties, essentially, that won't change culture. One could even say, happy hours.

If all you do is throw a party, or throw a happy hour, and expect a change, then there's some truth in the point that was raised.

However, if that's all you're doing, then there's a bigger issue.

When you create a plan, which includes 'cakes and balloons,' you need to have clarity around what the vision for including them is, and recognize the power of their influence.

Taking time to do this helps you to understand how the experience you create with 'cakes and balloons' can actually shift perspective to shape perception, and show how this can be an important part of the change you're seeking.

It provides you with the clarity that this moment of intended joy and celebration will likely uncover useable images, unique stories, and provide you a runway for follow up from it.

Setting intentions to make the 'cake and balloons' moment help people feel differently and last longer than whatever the event time is, is a huge benefit to championing those little moments that keep people moving in the right direction towards the change in culture you're hoping to achieve.

If you're currently working on a change initiative, or if you're feeling stumped by how to leverage the 'cakes and balloons,' reach out to me and let's chat!

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