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Radiant Ruth Book

Radiant Ruth the Rhino dreams what a perfect day could be and her vision of possibilities all come true. In a single day she learns to count as she ffinds a new friend, and realizes that by putting others ffirst there is more to gain. She reminds us that differences are ok, and that sometimes the greatest gift we seek is right in front of us already. 

This colorful, modern story brings to life 10 fun characters and starts to open minds to the idea that when we create sparks, we shine. 

Radiant Ruth is an early start to building emotional intelligence and empathy skills for readers 4 to 8 years old.

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SPARK, Unlock & Unblock Your Shine Potential, is a workbook in connection with The Shine Scale™, created by AJ Sarcione, with lessons for creating sparks that lead to accelerated success. AJ defines shine and provides over 15 lessons throughout more than 200 pages that help ignite successful people to be more successful, leading to increased shine and unintentional perfection.


SPARK provides unique, bold and direct storytelling that is mixed with challenges, motivation and thought-provoking questions to create interactivity. The book can be used individually or among groups for workshops and sessions that support both personal and team building. AJ Sarcione is a world-traveled speaker and shine developer who focuses on building and accelerating success of leaders and teams, and is the creator of The Shine Scale™.

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Unlock & Unblock: The Journal uses a unique approach to create sparks to develop shine and accelerate success. The journal has both a morning and evening side to help guide you through simple exercises that will ignite your heart and mind.


It is meant to be used for one quarter (fourteen weeks).


Use this in connection to The Shine Scale™ and "SPARK: Unlock & Unblock Your Shine Potential workbook."

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