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"You've put in the work, now it's time to shine"

Personal and Leadership Brand Development

To get started, see where you sparking the most with the free assessment tool, The Shine Scale™

AJ Sarcione
Founder of Get Your Shine

Why is it important to define your personal and leadership brand?

  • Self Awareness

  • Unique Differentiation

  • Amplifying Authenticity

  • Influence & Impact

  • Career Advancement

  • Personal Development

My approach helps you do it by getting control of how people see you with Authentic Authority™

Authentic Authority™ development will​ spark:

  • how to lead with more courage and confidence

  • empowerment with a proprietary method that helps you to create exceptional experiences 

  • tools and techniques to unlock vision & unblock potential 

  • your ability to drive creativity & innovation

  • your ability to lead a better life and career

Hi, I'm AJ Sarcione

I am your personal head of MOJO. As the the former head of MOJO and employee experience at Verizon/Yahoo, I founded Get Your Shine to help spark leaders and organizations to shine. In a time where defining your personal and leadership brand is needed more than ever, I use my propriety tool the Imagination Method™ in combination with science-backed techniques from the HeartMath® Institute to help people use the power of their heart to maximize the potential of their mind to transform both their personal and professional lives. From offices around the world to my ranch outside of Dallas / Fort Worth, I provides workshops and strategic facilitation that support companies and C-suite leaders in activating themselves and their teams to shine. I have built and led global teams, and traveled and worked in more than 13 countries. Some of my clients include Nike, Clifbar, Northwestern Mutual, Square, Univision, LinkedIn. I hope my next one is you!


Book a FREE Spark Call with AJ to learn more

Get started now with the SPARK workbook

SPARK, Unlock & Unblock Your Shine Potential, is a workbook in connection with The Shine Scale™, created by AJ Sarcione, with lessons for creating sparks that lead to accelerated success. AJ defines shine and provides over 15 lessons throughout more than 200 pages that help ignite successful people to be more successful, leading to increased shine and unintentional perfection.


SPARK provides unique, bold and direct storytelling that is mixed with challenges, motivation and thought-provoking questions.

Grab a copy today to create a spark and Get Your Shine.

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