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Reputation Matters
Activate Your Brand from Within

Access a FREE Guide from AJ Sarcione on How to Grow & Protect the Reputation of Your Company, Your Team, and Yourself using Internal Branding


What’s your reputation?

Are you a good leader? A good employer? A good person?

It all comes down to your brand.

Leadership Brand. Employer Brand. Personal brand.


Grow & Protect Your Reputation by Activating Your Internal Brand.

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From a PR exec to Verizon’s former Head of MOJO & Employee Experience and Yahoo’s original Head of Internal Brand & Marketing, AJ Sarcione has mastered building reputation from within.

Discover how AJ’s unique approach to shaping reputation by activating internal branding revitalizes organizations, empowers teams, and redefines personal success so you can Get Your Shine.

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Employee Engagement  |  Leadership & Management Development  |  Team Workshops

Internal Comms & Culture Activation  |  Personal & Executive Branding  |  Keynotes & Workshops

Your go-to solution
for developing what’s on the inside 


The first step is clarity.
If you want to get clear on who you are: 
AJ Sarcione

AJ Sarcione

Reputation & Internal Brand Advisor

Author, Global Motivational Speaker & Workshop Facilitator

Former Head of MOJO & Employee Experience / Internal Marketing for Verizon/Yahoo

It’s said that when people shine, it’s from the inside.


Science shows that our experience of others is based on how they feel and how they show up. How a leader shows up for a team affects how those being guided by them feel. How a company shows up for their employees, new candidates or even clients is based on what’s happening inside the walls of their offices, both physical and virtual.

From one country to the next, I’ve traveled the globe motivating people through storytelling, workshops, innovative activations and reimagining what’s possible. Through it I’ve affirmed the idea that shaping reputation begins from within. When we focus on activating authentic internal brands, leaders, teams and companies spark a better reputation.


I’m passionate about helping organizations and people develop internal brands that unlock flow, stronger communications, and optimize engagement, now and for years to come. I’m a reputation and internal brand builder and I want to help you Get Your Shine.

Helping organizations and people grow & protect reputation by activating their internal brand


EVP, Chief Communications Officer

Best investment! AJ you were a hit! And you turned around and got the quietest of the crew to be engaged. Can't thank you enough for making it such a thoughtful and fulfilling session.

SVP Communications
NBC Universal

AJ's positive energy disrupts and enlightens teams to bring out their best leadership

qualities by encouraging people to work smarter, not harder.

Chief Communications Officer

AJ has a natural gift for keeping everyone energized and engaged, while bringing out the best in attendees. I can’t wait to work with him again! 

Managing Director
Northwestern Mutual

AJ was an instrumental part in connecting our leaders to their why and purpose in serving our market. He was able to bring together the emotional and tactical side of our business so we can better leverage each of our individual qualities as one.

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