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Design Your Workshop

Workshops with AJ boost MOJO by getting people to 'Shift the What If' through imagining what's possible, helping to build plans for positive growth & optimal performance

Find improvements across: morale, retention, innovation, resilience, burnout, communication, storytelling, emotional intelligence, drive, courage, wellbeing, authenticity, belonging and more

The process follows AJ's proprietary Imagination Method™ to activate your ideas into action

Step 1: Clarity Call

Kick off with a virtual meeting with AJ to get acquainted and decide what workshop type best suits your needs

(fyi, I will not be wearing a tie)

Step 2: Setting Intentions

AJ will provide a proposal capturing the objectives of the workshop and outline what it will include and how it will create an impact

Step 3: Your Workshop

AJ brings the motivation, energy & enthusiasm to an immersive learning experience that ignites MOJO for positive growth & optimal performance

Step 4: Debrief

After your workshop, you'll connect with AJ to capture the takeaways and go-forwards, and review any deliverables if applicable

Choose Your Workshop

To view a presentation of AJ's services, capabilities and case studies, please enter your email below

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