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AJ Sarcione uses his Imagination Method™ to spark exceptional solution


To provide solutions that make people shine.


Exceptional human potential begins with a spark.


We've supported the C-suite, HR, communications, marketing, data scientists, and those who believe in the potential of themselves and their teams.

Because, everyone has the potential to shine.


We spark exceptional leadership.

We spark exceptional communication.

We spark exceptional employee engagement. 

We spark exceptional cultures.

We spark exceptional transformations.  

We provide international speaking engagements, workshops at your office or at a ranch in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, bespoke consulting, and personal and professional coaching programs.

We start with your what if question and provide a solution our heart feels best fits your needs.

Internal Communications & Employee Engagement
What if we could drive more engaged communications internally?
What if we could have a better internal communications plan?
What if
we could inspire our company to increase morale?

What if we could make our leaders stronger?
What if we could have a remarkable and rememberable leadership offsite?
What if we could get out of the office and do something new to be better leaders?


Culture & Employee Experience
What if we could help this team be better storytellers and have deeper relationships?
What if we could reimagine our culture with a 100 day plan?
What if we could inspire the organization to power through this next phase of change?

Personal & Professional Development
What if I could be a better leader?
What if I could figure out my next career move?
What if I could find more happiness in my life?


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