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Imagine What We Can Do Together

AJ in Bangalore
AJ Head of MOJO
AJ Speaking
Post Its

AJ has a natural gift for keeping everyone energized and engaged, while bringing out the best in attendees. I can’t wait to work with him again! 

Chief Communications Officer


Case Studies

Post Its

Sparking teams with one simple idea, "Shift the What If?"

Idea Starters

Post Its

What if I help with onboarding? We could make a custom video that offers tools to new hires to support a growth mindset 

Leadership Development Workshop & Brand Guide
  • Created alignment within team

  • Educated on key competencies

  • Multiple week engagement

  • 1:1s with each leader

  • Deliverable: Inspiring Guide

Vision Development Workshop & Toolkit
  • Develop professional & personal vision

  • Create 'Imagination Board'

  • Literally "grow" your vision 

  • In-person or remote

Strategy Session & Shareout Guide
  • Immerse into the Imagination Method™

  • Fully customized

  • In-person preferred

  • Deliverable: Motivating Guide

Leadership Branding & Executive Coaching
  • Develop leadership brand

  • Messaging development

  • Educate on key competencies 

  • Navigate real-time issues

  • 3 month program

Simply One Spark Workshop & Experiential Activity
  • Experiential creative activity

  • Develop storytelling & presentation skills

  • Team bonding

  • In-person

'Shift the What If'
  • Unleash untapped imagination

  • Learn heart intelligence and techniques to use it

  • 4-step Get UP Process

  • Ask 'What If?' correctly

Post Its

When we create an inspiring vision guide as part of an engagement it's always a successful inspirational tool after an event


EVP, Chief Communications Officer

Best investment! AJ you were a hit! And you turned around and got the quietest of the crew to be engaged. Can't thank you enough for making it such a thoughtful and fulfilling session.

SVP Communications,
NBC Universal

AJ's positive energy disrupts and enlightens teams to bring out their best leadership

qualities by encouraging people to work smarter, not harder.

VP, Data & Insights

AJ is an energetic speaker who inspires teams and individuals to not only drive

results, but love who they are while they are doing it.

Managing Director
Northwestern Mutual

AJ was an instrumental part in connecting our leaders to their why and purpose in serving our market. He was able to bring together the emotional and tactical side of our business so we can better leverage each of our individual qualities as one.

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