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AJ Sarcione is your personal Head of MOJO.

As the former head of MOJO and employee experience for Verizon/Yahoo, AJ worked closely with C-suite leaders on employee engagement before, during and after a major merger & acquisition. And that wasn't his first time at the rodeo.

Since then, he's created a business to support leaders and teams on driving better performance (which helps us to shine) using our often untapped human superpower of imagination.

Whether it's onsite with teams at their offices, or at his ranch in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, where he provides equine-assisted experiences, each engagement inspires people to unlock vision, unblock potential and reimagine what's possible. 

If you're interested in learning more, have a look around, or reach out to him.

Facilitator | Strategist | Speaker | Host

Teach teams and individuals how to use the power of their MOJO to drive performance and reach dreams

To make the world smile more by using imagination

AJ Facilitates Breakthroughs

AJ is a change agent who has has guided organizations to improve morale, retention and performance through immersive, strategic facilitation. He's helped individuals improve leadership and navigate changes in their careers.


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AJ Sarcione is the former head of MOJO and employee experience at Verizon/Yahoo, founder of Get Your Shine, creator of the Imagination Method™, an author, certified trainer, facilitator, and global motivational speaker. He helps leaders and teams unleash untapped imagination to ignite growth and innovation, by providing inspiring engagements that support resiliency and re-imagining what’s possible.

Create better team experiences and more effective plans by combining the power of the heart and the potential of the brain to drive imagination.

With a background in vision-led communications and marketing, AJ provides workshops and strategic facilitation that support companies and C-suite leaders in activating themselves and their teams to shine. AJ has built and led global teams, and traveled and worked in more than 13 countries. His clients include Nike, Clifbar, Northwestern Mutual, Square, Univision, LinkedIn. 


Positive Psychology


Organizational Leadership

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